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Saturday, November 08, 2014

I've always been spoiled. My older brother could probably have told you this 15 years ago. I realized it today. With a BIG plunge! I've always been spoiled! Spoiled with love.

I guess being spoiled is perhaps one if those things that you might not actually notice you are - because you are too spoiled to notice! But don't worry. It will come. In time!

I came into this world as the kid sister of two older brothers. And they loved me. They loved me dearly. And my parents loved me. Just as much.

I was lucky to have two older brothers in my life and I was surrounded by love the whole time. I guessed that's where it started. The spoiled-ness. The Princess-ness. The very moment my brothers laid their eyes on me. Spoiled.

I guess some things in my life haven't been easy. And I do believe that some of it is because of me being spoiled! I didn't understand why I didn't do better at that, or couldn't have that, or that didn't turn out as easy as I thought. Because I am naturally used to being the center of good attention!As I've grown older I understand, of course, that having goodness and creating goodness is something that I have to work for. It doesn't always come just by itself.

At the age of 21 I was accepted in to one of the most prestigious design colleges in Denmark. Only 2 offered a MA degree in illustration and I was accepted in the one I wanted to go to most of all! Now, I wasn't accepted in my first attempt, but two years later after some serious training in graphic design and illustration (at Den Skandinaviske Designhojskole) I was allowed into my dream study: Illustration! (I wanted to go there because the students drew all the time and that's what I wanted to do!). Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!

And forwarding to today, At this present moment I live in one of the world's most superb and exquisite places on the planet when it comes to food and drinks! To the French drinking and eating isn't just that! They CARE about cuisine and they are PROUD of creating food (not to mention the wine of course, which is so rich and cheap you feel... Well, spoiled!). It is guaranteed that you will almost never find a poor coffee in France even if you go to one the shabbiest places in town! In that way I am spoiled! Eating pizza made with dedication and love not only tastes good but makes you EXPERIENCE food. Every time? That's gotta be spoiled!

Tonight I am walking hand in hand with the most considerate man I know. He is right here. He will change side to walk on the other side of me when we come to a big road, to walk between me and the moving traffic. To protect me. As a shelter. And maybe it's because he was born and raised in one of the most rigid factories that creates gentlemen (still to this day); Great Britain, but I think it's something else. I think I'm just spoiled!

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