My favourite artists

Here's a list of my favourite visual artists. From the French impressionists to contemporary painters, Scandinavian children's book illustrators and shamanic artists.

Click on the image to see it large. The artist's name will take you to their website (if they have one).

Amanda Clark (UK) Earth Angels Art

Faith Nolton (UK) Soul Gardens

Lori Portka (US) Spreading Happiness Through Art

Wendy Andrew (UK) Painting Dreams
This woman makes such beautiful calendars and cards.
I love her connection to the mystery and how she shares that connection in her art.

Karen Davis (UK) Moonlight and Hares
Magical paintings behind the veil of The Great Beyond.
Acrylic and on wood. Fun and beautiful!

Lindy Kehoe (US)

Emma Ball (UK)

Ilon Wikland (EE/S)
Simple, strong and truly profound; Ilon has been on my list of favourite image makers
since I was a child. She is famous for illustrating the wonderful, whimsical stories
of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.

Ed Boxall (UK)
I don't know Mr. Boxall very well, he is a more recent favourite.
His universe of drawing his children and making gorgeous, heartfelt linocut prints
from his sketches moves me deeply!

Aurélia Fronty (F)
Aurélia is a master of classic illustration, colourful, original and symbolic.
I love her work!

Bill Watterson (US) Calvin & Hobbes

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