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Monday, December 08, 2014

I am being asked by the Universe to Sing the Song of me.

But before I can do that there are some things I must give up. That I must confront.

I can no longer be weighed down by what (I think) other people think about me. I can nolonger give my power away this way.
My Song tells me that I am open and that I am perfect. In the Song of Me there is no lack, I am beautiful and sacred. And so to sing the Song of Me I must be brave and go behind enemy lines to confront and say "This is not me. All this I fear I am, this is not who I am. I am good and all is good".

My sleep has been irregular lately, trying to catch a new rhythm that is being born out of the Stillness, the Nothingness. I have been working on a Dreamscape for next year, 2015.

This is the first time I have tried this; gluing things up on paper from magazines to create some kind of Wishing/Dreamingboard for how I want the coming year to be. All I did was get a magazine and cut out all the bits that I felt talked to me and resonated with me. I cut out sentences, words and pictures and put them together in my sketch book. This is the result.

Sisterhood - Women - Workshops. These are some of my power cards for 2015.

I want my next year to be filled with light. But I am also going to be reaching out and connecting with women all over. I know that now.

The beauty of this process is, for me, that I didn't design it - it created itself!
I sat down with the Intention To create My Dream for 2015, and the rest just happened! I didn't think about what pictures or words to put up - I just listened!! And this makes it so wonderful for me!

Now I can look at it and feel that it gives me something. Something I didn't know. Something I couldn't expect. Something new and valuable to think about!

The Universe is asking me to sing the Song of Me. Not the one I have learned, but the one the Stars came together to sing the day I was born. The song all of the universe was humming when I came into this world.

We all have a song.

And we forget it.

Children know how to play, ad act and breathe. Before they become infiltrated with our opinions and belief system they are naturally in tune singing their own song -- all the time.

This is the state I wanna go back to. All though not go back, but reclaim. Re-Find it!

And stay there. Sing till my heart's content and be the Star I am. My song in this life.


If you would like to create your Dreamboard for 2015 

here's what I did:

- Get a magazine and a few pens out (if you want; coloured pencils or pens as well)
- Glue stick & a pair of scissors
- Sketchbook/notebook, diary or paper
- Light a candle 

Your intention is to create your Dreamboard for 2015! 
Before you start, do this:

Think about what you would like to create in 2015. 
- What is important for your 2015?
- What would you like to invite into your life and be a part of you in 2015?
- What are things, perhaps projects, perhaps ideas that you want to manifest in 2015 and how would it feel to have them completed by the end of the year? Either emotionally or physically.
- Who do you need in your life?
- What do you need?
- How can you create more of you and more light in your life: What gives you more ease, more flow and more time? 

Now: Don't try to answer these questions yourself (!) but just hold them inside you. And let yourself be GUIDED to images and sentences in the magazine that feels right and attracts your attention and heart. They will answer these questions naturally.

Whilst you are working on your Dreamboard; cutting and glueing and writing perhaps, you are deep in the process. Make sure you are not disturbed and give yourself time to come back. Go along with feelings and ideas, colours that feels obvious and natural to you. Place and glue the scraps onto your paper in a effortless flow; one long, intimate, creative movement. 

When the Dreamboard is finished, take some time to put it up and reflect on it. Feel it. 
What is the Dreamboard telling you about your 2015?
What is your Dreamboard revealing that you didn't expect?
What do you see a lot of in 2015? 
And! How can you make these dreams true for you in 2015? 

Remember, your dreams already exist! You do not need to invent them! They are inside you!

By giving time and energy to your Dreams, 

you are listening closer and awakening deeper.


You can also create a Dreamboard for other things in your life; a relationship, your job, a house or garden project or a dream inside you that doesn't even have a "name" yet. Take time to uncover the emotions and dreams around it and gather your materials; pictures, smells, ideas, notes and colours perhaps. Then, start creating! You are deepening your relationship with your own truth and letting your soul shine!

Thank you. And good luck!

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  1. Go Lone!!! :-) Sending you my very best leaping energy and honoring your courage! Blessings, Gabriel x

    (We do this type of dreaming practice every year in our house around the Winter solstice time, it is very powerful and very effective!)

    1. Thank You Gabriel! I'm so happy you do this too - it IS very magical and very powerful, yes! Sending you good wishes and health in the new year! Love, Lone

  2. Love what you are doing ,Lone, I did a dream /vision board Just at the New Year and its up in my bedroom to re-mind me every day xxx

    1. Thanks, Kate! You made me read this again, and help me realize that I too, need to PUT IT UP! where I can see it! YES! Doing that tonight! Thank YOU :D


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