A Health Board

Monday, January 12, 2015

I cut out only the best bits; pictures and words!

I am absolutely in love with this new way I have re-discovered of making art/vision boards!
When I was in school I was always super disappointed with the outcome of any collage - it was such an eighties thing and I haven't touched it for years!

But now I see it clearly, again!

It's really easy. And it's simple. And it makes things a whole lot clearer!

The magic of the vision / health board is that you don't have to THINK! In fact it works much better when you don't!


How to make a Health Board!

1) Grab a magazine - just one is enough!
2) Get a piece of paper or cardboard - A4 will do - a gluestick & a pair of scissors.
3) Decide what your board is about (health, love, romance, garden, creative project, anything!) This board is about "My Health" that is one of my passions for 2015.
4) Now: Cut out all the bits that drags your attention, makes your stomach butterfly shimmer and catches your heart! Cut them out!
5) Get the paper and the glue stick out, and carefully chose a place for each cut-out piece, and place and glue it on the board.
6) When it is finished: Put it up somewhere nice where you can see it often, and
7) Reflect on the new things this board is telling you about your life!

I like to use Danish magazines because they remind me of home, 
and the words capture me greatly. Also, I feel a connection to my mother, 
as she brought them here for me, on her last visit (Aww!). 
But I also use Spanish and French magazines. The pictures are the best!

Useful guidelines...

* Biggest pictures goes first and underneath, smaller parts and words go on top

* Cut ALL your pieces first, then put the magazine away. Then, start gluing your board (otherwise things can get too confusing).

* Be completely open. Don't judge what you cut out; trust!

I cut out a picture of a woman I felt drawn to, but I thought she was pretty ugly. Instead of fighting it, I cut her out and glued her on my board, anyway. When I saw her together with the other pieces on the board; it made so much sense! It wasn't about her, but about adventure! Next to Big Ben and the words 'La Prairie' I suddenly realized that she was a symbol of traveling, adventure, America and unseen places! Something old and authentic! So there we go! Don't judge - just flow!

If you would like to read even more about creating dream/health/ vision boards, have a look at my article Make a Dreamboard.

Happy Dreaming!

My 2015 Health Board.
There are words on my Health Board I don't quite understand, 
but I like to think of the board as a process, and a magical gateway 
into the mystery inside! :)

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  1. Skøn ide Lone. Gode fremgangsmåder. Blev meget inspireret af at indsætte "grimme" billeder også - der var brug for lidt mere power og action!
    Men også et billede som helhed af ro, rejser, og skønhed -

    1. Hej Tone - JA! Jeg tror bestemt der er en GOD ide at bruge de billeder der tiltaler os - for vi ved måske ikke 100% hvad de vil sige, og de hjælper os til at se hele billedet! Tak for en skøn kommentar :-) Taknemmlig. Lone

  2. Selvtak Lone. Ja og der er helt klart et tema der er gennemgående for i år - SUNDHED!
    På alle planer....
    Jeg tænker nogen gange på hvor dejligt det kunne være at stå en flok kvinder og se på hinandens dreamboard. Det er dejligt at lave processen alene - men jeg savner at snakke med andre og se hvordan de har gjort. Her i Rønne er der flere jeg har haft i tankerne - så det kan jeg gennemføre på et tidspunkt.
    Spændende også at se hvad DIT dreamboard indeholder - så meget som jeg nu kan se. Blandt andet at du ved du skal samarbejde eller skabe noget sammen med kvinder. Det kan jeg godt følge dig i. KNUS


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