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Friday, October 03, 2014

I am very inspired by the people I walk amongst. The normal people. All the ordinary people. My cards are about these people. The dreamers, the mums, the dads, sisters and friends. We all have a little bit of something special inside. And I find it so unique and so interesting.

Recently a woman came to me, and asked me if I could make a card design for her to give to her newborn granddaughter. I thought this was a very special and powerful request. Because what are the gifts that we want to give to a new born child? A girl coming into this world, all new, all blessed.

As ever so often (thank you Universe!) the images that I create do not come from hours of thinking and drawing and creating. Most commonly they come from an inside place, and they stand out, they shine. When I see this picture inside I KNOW this is the right image. I see it and I can feel the image.

Then I start to sketch and draw what I see. And the first sketch is often very powerful. This sketch fixates the composition in the picture, who is in it, and where they are.

In so many ways this newborn girl (who is not yet born - but just getting ready!) is just like so many other girls being born. She has the same nose as most, the same eyes and the same body as most newborn girls. And then, in so many other ways - this girl is special! This girl is so unique with her own story, her own family tree and her own roots. In so many ways, there is none else quite like this girl - and that's what I wanted to express, with my card.

But I also wanted to express the love and support commitment from the Universe around this special girl. Inspired by Disney's Snowwhite and The Seven Dwarfs I found myself drawing an image much like the scene in the woods (if you remember the fim), where the animals stand watching. They are observing - they are watching. They are the witnesses of the birth as well as the human family. Perhaps they too are depictions of Spirit, like the Eagle in the tree, and the tree itself.

In this card I used a little bit stronger, darker colour than what I usually do in my watercolours.

Every girl is special. Every person is unique.

Here are pictures from my photo shoot and the final design.
The artwork A New Life is available in my webshop.

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  1. Your painting is so precious! I was so touched by the story of how you created this! What a beautiful card for a special baby girl!

  2. Thank you Amie! That really means a lot to me! Thank you.


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