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Welcome. I am glad you are reading.

Who are you, Lone?
I am a happy artist, writer, creator, dreamer, lover and soul awakener! Recently I took a massive step into The Unknown, knowing that the journey I was following had led me to a crossroad where I needed to step down to step back in with full heart.

How do you pronounce your name?
Believe me, I really have tried to explain this. But It. Just. Doesn't. Work! All I can say is no, it isn't like 'alone' without the a, and it isn't quite Luna as the Spanish would say. But if you listen closely to the beginning of my videos like this one, you might be able to catch it ;) With practice. Unless you are Danish of course, in which case you can skip this paragraph ;)

What's your story?
I grew up in Denmark, Scandinavia and life has taken me to a beautiful spot on the planet where I live now, in the countryside surrounded by mountains and sea, close to the Mediterranean sea. In this recent blogpost I share a few pin points about my life, but not everything -- of course ;)

Who inspires you and who do you look to in your art?
I am mostly inspired by nature and raw natural power also in humans. What drives us, teaches us, opens us. In my artwork I look to many different artists, usually powerful in either message or expression; colourful, intimate, intriguing. Hop on over and meet my favourite artists.

Lone Aabrink (b. 1984) is a lightworker, soul shaker, artist and music lover.

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