I need to speak my Truth

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Imagine you gather all your power. All that you are and all the magic and nurturance that the Universe has for you. Imagine you have all that within you. All that power, knowledge. There is no fear. Only love. There is only power to do Good. There is only bright light shining. Imagine you had all this in you. And spoke your truth.

Even if the only word you -ever- spoke was "Hi" or "Hello", coming from this place it would be the most magnificent truthful, powerful thing you could ever do.

We live our lives, afraid of who we are, afraid of what we might say. We cover ourselves up. We cover up the Truth. We think (we think!) we have to be someone we're not. We think we have to do something that is not within us to do. We push ourselves to the limit and we go mad! We grow insecure, painful and we feel lost. Because we have lost that connection to what is. What is true. Not the connection to other people (well, that too), but the connection to ourselves! We haven't spoken the truth in so long we forget what it sounds like! I have been on workshops where just telling the truth was all the work was about! When people started to tell their truth - their most inner, sacred, powerful truth - the room just exploded! People could no longer hold back who they are, they were letting go! I was letting go! We were all letting go. And within minutes, seconds we felt lighter. We could laugh more. Be more. Dare more! We could speak our truth without feeling hurt. We were heard.

So many of us WAIT. We wait to be asked! We wait for someone else to ask us, ask us to please share our truth. We want to be allowed by somebody else to be ourselves, to express ourselves. We need permission! But we already have that permission - all of us! We have the permission to be ourselves - to speak our truth! We are that person, I am that person that must give the allowance, that grant that permission! I alone can do it. Not you. Not anyone else. I can do that work - I can speak my truth!

And so we are back at the beginning. I am the first person to admit that I want to be great. I want to do great things - hey, I wanna change the world! I want to have something to show for myself. A portfolio. A website. Something that people can see, something their can hear. Something they can judge (yes, let's face it, judge) and say "Wow. That's what you've done! I can see that. I hear you". But what I want, really, is the last part! The I hear you part. I acknowledge you. And so in my tiny, cute little head that "I can hear you. I see you!" (as in a deeper seeing - I acknowledge your presence) becomes "I have to produce something for other people to see. So that they can see me!". But this is where it all goes pear shaped. Wrong! No. No I don't.

Even if the only word you -ever- spoke was "Hi" or "Hello" if that word came from a place so deep in you, of trust and pure honesty and raw power - that word - that tiny word - would change the world.

Speak Your Voice by Regina Lord

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