Opening Up Through F.E.A.R. !

Sunday, November 30, 2014

At this time I am working on formulating and sending out my December newsletter.

This time it is really extremely difficult!

What I have to do in this newsletter, which is SO different to all the other newsletters I have sent out over time (around 8 years now!) is to let my old clients know, that EVERYTHING is CHANGING at The Sunshine Studio.

It is not even going to be a Sunshine Studio anymore.

It's not going to be anything I know. It is going to be New.

My fear is big. It really is BIG. I am wriggling, holding, stopping. Pressing. I am scared! I am really scared!!! I am on the bridge now looking down - and it's a bloody long way down, I tell you that!

I am making these changes to OPEN UP. I want to express Who I Am and tell people what they are getting. I don't want to feel like I can't post or share or write what I like, because once upon a time I promised somebody something, that no longer works for me. I want to give EVERYBODY the opportunity to get what they need from my studio. If they think they are getting something else, well I want to tell them what my studio is about. What you are getting is me - and now you know!

But what is me? Well, I don't know. I am journey to find out. I know it's spiritual. I know it's deep. And it is changing all the time.

I googled "ship in stormy water" and found this. Yep, this is me right now flipping around! Aaaaaarrrhr!!! I can't find the shore but I am heading out on a journey. And the journey is the most important thing, and what I have to do! Thank You!

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