A Brand New Dawn and a Retrospective

Thursday, January 01, 2015

For many reasons, 2014 wasn't a very good year for me. As much as I like to keep my head high, my heart open and my optimism intact, 2014 was a year of difficult challenges.
Most of them revolved around my business, my "art world" you could say. I found it very difficult to navigate in my business and figure out the right thing to do. I opened up lots of new ideas and worked with them through the year. But it wasn't until late this year, that I felt some clarity about what I am actually doing.
I changed my name from The Sunshine Studio to Lone Aabrink * Sacred Art & Dreaming. I burned the old Facebook page and created a brand new.

I suppose this is normal; to go through a looong period of questions, hopes and doubt. But when I look back, 2014 really was...   quite exhausting.

I watched a BBC program with Peter Owen Jones. Peter is an English vicar (a type of priest) and the program is called How To Live A Simple Life. In the program Peter tries to live by the rules of Saint Francis of Assisi.  Francis was an Italian monk who died in 1226.
Saint Francis believed in and lived a simple life. Giving everything to God and to be at God's good will and mercy. He would own nothing and begged and prayed for food. In How To Live A Simple Life, Peter Owen Jones tries to follow his footsteps. First by growing his own food. Then by exchanging his services for food or other things he need (like washing up at the local pub and getting food out of it). In the last episode he takes to the road, to feel one on one just how it feels to live without money. In his program we follow his 'adventure' and it was especially the moment when Peter meets with a monk that really captured me. The monk says to Peter: "When you ask God to provide for you, you become extremely vulnerable. When you ask somebody else for food or to sleep in their house, you give them an opportunity to give, to show kindness".

In the muslim belief there is a tradition and a knowledge of "the sacred traveler". And the Koran says that should a traveler arrive at your doorstep, you are to shelter and give him food for 3 days. It is a well known thing to the muslims.

The monk goes on and says: "If you are self-providing, self maintaining and self sufficient (this is the BIG word in our life today, isn't it?), you are an island. Self sufficiency cuts you off from other people. This is what Saint Francis taught; When we have nothing, we give our time, and share our gifts with the community. And we become part of that community".

This program sat with me for a long time. And on this 1st day of the New Year, it is what still rings in there. Because How Can I Become More Connected To My Community? How Can I Take Money Out Of The Equation? How Can I Allow GOD To Step Into My Life and Receive The Good There Is For Me? How Can I Allow Good Into My Life? These are the powerful questions that the program made me ponder.

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  1. A beautiful post Lone, thank you for sharing. I wish you all the very best for your new year ahead, may your dreaming be strong, clear and true. May your path be filled with Blessings. Gabriel x

    1. Thank You Gabriel! Lots of love and sharing and blessings to your family for 2015 :-D

  2. Fantastic Lone, I love what you are doing, it feels like there may be some parallells going on here-I am really intersted to see how it all unfolds. There is only love. xxxxx

    1. Thank You Kate :) Yes unfolding is a good place :) Thank you!

  3. Love to read your post Lone. I am looking so much forward to follow your next steps.
    "there may be some parallels going on" - as Kate Marney says.

    Love from Tone

    1. Thank You Tone! I appreciate your witnessing! It is always good to be with friends :D Thank YOU!


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