I. Dit. It! When painting is a celebration

Monday, February 23, 2015

Have you ever done something, just for you, that you really needed to do bit you weren't sure you could?! Something big. Something threatening. Scary!

I have.

I don't mean a small thing like "it would be nice to do this or that". No, I mean something deep, deep within that once you've done it, it will change the core of you.

I have.

When we do something like this, act on something that is so deep and precious inside and change by just doing it, we bring ourselves back to life.

I have.

I doesn't matter what I did, and why I did it. Why I am still very much doing it! What matter is why I did it! I did it to change. To give myself a goal and something I have always wanted to have. 
It can be a small or big thing but the biggest change overs just happens when it is that something that we actually never thought we could do!

What is YOUR thing? Yep! The one you are thinking about right now that you never think you will be able to do?

You can do it.
You can totally do it.

I have.
I. Did. It.

"I did it" celebrating artwork. A testimony to that which I have now done, that I never thought I could do, and that which now can never be made undone. Ever.

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