First Artwork Of 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring is on our doorstep. Soon, very soon she is here. So much to look forward to. Light and love.

Undulat / Budgerigar is my first official artwork in 2015. The painting was a customized artwork made for Gitte in Denmark inspired by her birds; she has two budgerigars, one yellow and one blue.
My wish with the image was to depict Gitte's relationship with her friends and put an emphasis on the inner life (a theme that is coming up a lot in my work). Devotion and dedication. Her eyes closed, holding a hand to her heart feeling truly this connection.

This is where all relationships begin. In the heart. 

For the image I used many different materials. My main materials were watercolour and colour pencils. But also using a white candle and making marks into the surface of the paper, makes the paint peel off where the markings are and creates an interesting texture in the final image.

And golden paint. Oh, golden paint!

Gold is my favourite "colour" at the moment. It has so much power, depth and meaning for me right now. I am even painting it in our house!

Final image. Undulat (Budgerigar), 2015
Mixed media on paper 

The final image is a starry night, a night full of movement, different shades of blue, green and purple. And a still girl in her pajamas with her two special birds!

If you would like your own copy of "Undulat" I have made it available as canvas, art print and greeting card in my shop. In that way we can all have a bit of Gitte's special magic!

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