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Thursday, July 24, 2014

How often do I just rush into things without preparing the ground first? Without making sure I am ready.

Today I was sitting in my garden and thinking about preparatory work. The garden doesn't grow without the seeds planted earlier in the year. All I am seeing now, is a reflection of what was either put in or already in the ground in March/April. Nothing is new. Just the size of it!
This is a perfect symbol (in fact working with the garden is a big pot of great teachings!) of what we put into the ground, nurture and care for, grows and becomes bigger every day!

How does this reflect back in my personal life? Being in the garden makes things simple and easy to understand. The more you weed, the more you get the benefits of the fruits, vegetables and flowers in the garden. The more I tend my garden, the more beautiful and wonderful it is.
It is the same way with my body, with my soul. Some serious weeding of dark and pessimistic thoughts are taking place at the moment. Slowly slowly. Must make sure I am not grabbing a Sunflower by the root in my eagerness to be clean!
But slowly, steadily, one by one the weed is sorted out. Some will come back, for sure. But it is how I care for the things that I want to grown in my life, that is important. Not how much bullshit there is still around out there.

In my garden I am safe. And I am blessed. This is my garden of trust and I bless it every day.

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  1. What a wonderful way to look at caring about ones self, comparing to a beautiful garden! I really needed this reminder today....thank you!

  2. I just feel the garden (and nature in general) has so much to teach and offer us. And it's free! :D Thanks for your comment :)


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