Thor's Thunder

Friday, July 25, 2014

I turn the music down to hear the rain. It's falling cross the sky in strips. Like little tiny canon balls shooting through the atmosphere. Today I cry, because life is so beautiful.
A small grey bird finds cover in the tall cyprus. He is swaying, dripping from his fur. I am looking out the window. Thunder is rolling in. In the sky clouds of light grey in banners.
The rain is making everything wet. It's dripping from the roof.
Light sounds of drumming and peaceful rhythm. Crackling in the sky. One more bird comes to take shelter in the tree, but flies away just as quickly again. Were there no more room in his coat? Flashes through my window of blue screaming light. I was going to walk home, but now I'm not so sure. Lightning just above the house. I turn the light of and shut the window. The neighbors' dog gives a short bark followed by a short whimp. I assume he wants to be let inside. The thunder is rolling past us. The dog is whimpering. A bright streak of white crashes down through the sky. Then the bang. Waiting. Another break in the sky. Then crash! Oh! Power's off! I am frightened by this power. It's Thor rolling cross the sky throwing his hammer. He is so mighty.
I can do nothing, but wait for it to pass.

The sounds fade into the background. The rain dries out slowly. I go downstairs to check the electricity.

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