My sunshine cards at Radiant Light Retreats yoga studio!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Would you look at this WONDERFUL place on the planet! This spot is the most recent place to offer my handmade sunshine greeting cards! Yay!

I'll tell you all about it! But first, let me share with you how a piece of reclaimed oak transformed into a very simple display unit for the cards. First I painted the wood. With colours I just felt like dipping into at the time. A tree, sun and rain. Then i stuck two needle pins in! Very simple! These are pictures from the process. 

The final display

And here are photos from inside the yoga studio!

A proud and happy me and my cards :)

I am so ABSOLUTELY EXCITED to have my cards in Kate and Robert's Radiant Light Retreats yoga studio! Let me share with you my story with this place, and why it is so important for me to have my cards here!
I first met Kate and Robert and visited their beautiful house and the yoga studio in the summer of 2012. I had just graduated with a MA in illustration from Denmark and needed some time off to be myself. So I went to southern France to take some time to recuperate. On this particular day, the weather was beautiful (like on these pictures here), and my first time in the yoga studio was magical. I really felt embraced and loved, and the yoga and meditation we did was pure nourishment for my SOUL. It helped me remind myself of my spirituality, and the importance it has in my life.
I have visited the yoga studio many times since, and always feel a sense of peace and connection there. I have also had many wonderful visions in the room, including the vision of this painting.

I am SO delighted that my cards are allowed in this sacred space, where so much awareness, transformation and healing is taking place. It's such a loving space and so effortless to be in! THANK YOU!

Having my cards here also remind me, that I would like to sell my cards in places of LOVE and appreciation. In this space they can completely shine in the way they were intended without judgement or competition!

Robert Duddell (intuitive homeopathic healer) and Kate Marney (spiritual counsellor and guide) runs Radiant Light Retreats at their home and retreat center in the French Pyrenees, southern France. They offer "the opportunity to journey into the core of your being by stepping out of the stress and chaos of modern life into the peace of nature". Please visit their website for more information!

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  1. How wonderful for you!!! All the best to you and your card sales!

    1. Thank you Amie! It's so great getting my stuff four there! Thanks for your inspiration as well! :D


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