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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On my run this morning I met the old chap on his ancient tractor with his little hat on. He smiled at me as I ran past, "Bonjour!". The time it took for the sun to climb up over the hills, was the time it took me to have a run round the fields. Olives and peaches. The hills were the same colour as my trainers. Pink.

Isn't it always like that? When I'm going away I start to see things more clearly. Even if I'm only going for one week. Tomorrow I'm going. To Denmark. I am really excited. Going to a wedding, seeing my friends, meet with retailers and eat with my family. Could it be more perfect? And the weather should be nice. Or so I've heard ;)

Today I was in the studio making greeting cards for retailers in Denmark. I am making a blog post about how I make my cards, because I really want to share with you how I make theses little pearls of love. By hand. By me :)

But for now, before I leave for Denmark, let me just dwell on the area right on my doorstep. What beauty and peace. I love you! This landscape is amazing. Thank you.

A Gratitude Flower and Tree of Life in my studio.

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