Day 25 - Welcome Spring!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sorry for being late with the uploads! All March drawings are also on Instagram. Enjoy!

Original available. Write to me for more information, thanks.

This drawing is part of my "A Drawing For Every Day In March" project. Meet all 31 drawings

And now for some SPRING pictures!

First some from the garden. We are making progress and garden beds! And the little seeds we planted, have really started to come up in the 'green house' !

Now, a few pictures from our trip to the market today. My lovely neighbor are helping me and selling my cards in his stall along side his vegetables! Hurrah! What GREAT company, eh!

And finally, a few FEEL GOOD shots from just near my house. The pink are peaches (peche) and white cherry (cherise). Oh, the lovely blossoms of spring! 

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