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Monday, March 10, 2014

I know it's hippie. And I know it works. For 30 days I am going to be listening to Louise L. Hay's "I can do it". Because I'm worth it. And so are you. Aren't we all ?!

About 5 months ago, in October, I was on a retreat to help me clear myself and change my life. I was in the good care of Lynn and Terry at Själastugan, but in many ways it was a horrible week. Changing ones life is not easy, because it means standing face to face with the roots of your life. And really see them.
In the mist (yes fog) of this process, I was fighting, dreaming, screaming, wondering, sleeping and being, all in this very wonderful spot in northern Sweden that I took 2 planes to get to.
As the week was coming to an end, and my life hadn't change (it often doesn't happen overnight ;), although sometimes it does), I was looking for affirmation, re-assurance that things were going to alright. I wanted things to be alright, but how could I be so sure, that any thing would even change at all?! And I simply couldn't bare the thought of going back to what was.
Then I looked at my hostess, a little old lady, with wrinkles and a continuous smile, and I asked her: "How can I be sure? How can I be so sure that any of this will work, and that things WILL change?". And she looked at me, with tiny eyes, and a little voice that echoed across the far end of the lake and straight back into my heart, and said: "Because you make it so".

Because you make it so.

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