Step 2! Yay!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wow! Great day in the garden! The sun shone apon us, and it was fan-tastic! An overwhelming 18 degrees ladies and gentlemen! Whoa!

Today we needed to finish the edges around the growing plot, where paths will run, for us to get around in the garden. And we also wanted to plant the first flowers!

First step: Clearing out the old path, and cutting back more of the Fig and Oak, to allow more light and space around the walking path. 
Straightened up the green plastic, to prevent wind from coming in too strong.
(The black tubes make up the irrigation system; the watering).

Bulbs of tulip and purple hyacinth (perlehyacint) go in pots. 
(Want a quick-fix of love and joy, go here for a split second!)

First sign of spring! This one is coming up already! From last year!

My "handy-man"-tool kit, 40% off in the garden shop! 
I put this together single-handedly (very proud, you can tell!)

 Wooden box goes in the corner, for delicate herbs and the new blueberry bush :)

Mr. Frog lives in the water container and comes out when we disturb him (her?). 
Do you believe he's lived in there all winter?!

Ah! What a beautiful sight! With a clear path, herb box in place and 
cut back bushes and blackberry (brombær) 
(they taste wonderful, and grow like weed and sting like roses :( !), 
we are all set and ready for round 3!

Inspiration? Reading this (Danish) book at the moment.

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